I’m Looking for Entrepreneurial minded Partner
If you have been considering switching careers or looking for your best opportunity, our partner offer should be the one you are looking for. Sick and tired buying themes, plugins, video programs, paying for hosting, spending hours to design a websites, get affiliate links, and store all the hyped “SO” (shiny objects) on your hard drive, collecting dust? I am not going to insult you with a fancy sales letter, fake income statement, get-rich overnight income promises, or these escalating money games, etc. We are as tired of all the BS as you are.  

If REALLY interested, read the Marketing Partner details below, complete the Contact form and let’s explore a possible mutual future.

  • Unique Concept – You Select your Partner Area
  • Built-in semi-automated Lead system
  • Residual Income for every subscribed client in your Area
  • You manage marketing and expansion
  • Money Buy-Back Guarantee***
  • All back-office handled by us
  • Unique proven technique opens the door to sales
  • Partner details further below
Business catgegories directory

No software to buy

We cannot say it any simpler. Nothing to buy. We are your back office

No Hosting

You do not need hosting, No webdesign, No domain names, No video creation, No coding

Focus Making Money

We are your back office – Your focus should be on marketing and making Money

Mobile websites and Mobile Responsive websites

Our Products & Services
Keyword is MOBILE

Finder Network Custom Mobile Sites
Finder Network Category Directories

Marketer Partner

Marketing Partner Details

Finder Network (FN). The road to partner with the Finder Network opportunity begins here. It is unique and different than what you might have expected. The current business includes The BusinessFinder Network and  Mobizzz (Mobile version), the services are considered “Evergreen” services including the latest Mobile Trend. Here are some detailed information how to be part of the expanding business.

To clarify: There are NO hosting, NO  programs, NO domain or any other gimmicks to buy. NO webdesign creation – all services are handled by our team! NO monthly fee or updates to purchase. NO ongoing expenses for you  – finally a REAL business!
We are using an innovative approach to get a first contact with every business.  Your approach will be – “let’s just say here – it will be so different then what the business owner expect.”

1. Be an Area Partner in the Finder Network
Exclusivity – As Active Partner you will earn Residual Income from each Subscriber (in your designated Area wide).  Our Finder Network concept with the products/services we offer, is expanding USA Nationwide and Canada, and exponentially growing. To support the growth as well as the marketing efforts we created this unique partner strategy.

FACT: With just 300 active Subscriber in your Area, YOUR gross income will be over $100K per year residual income, based on the $60 monthly client subscription rate and as max Area Partner.

Work from Home via email and phone
Exponential Growth expansion
Lead system with auto-fill included
You manage marketing and expansion, via email and phone
All back-office handled by us
Unique proven technique opens the door to the business owner
Partner payments are issued within 24 hours of new client subscription.

Our Services/Products for our Business clients are “All-in-One” Pack:
1. a complete Mobile Site, incl “tap-to-call” phone #, Map w. direction, APP for client download, and more
2. a listing in a dedicated Multi-categories targeted Business Directories, clients have full accesss to add/edit their own information
3. a listing in a “first-of-its-kind” Mobile Directory
4. all GeoIP targeted and Mobile GPS enabled

We are team and working together towards the mutual goal to grow and expand the client base of active subscriber. Setting up a business, no matter what kind, requires some capital. I believe you will find that our unique offer, yes unique, is different than what you might expected. Depending on the Area you chose (it does not have to be your home State) there is a one-time Partner contribution required (between $175 – $975). You will get a 100% Money Buy-Back Guarantee***. Reasonable and fair, and for an initial small group of qualified partners we will extend a special consideration.  We will discuss all further details in our upcoming conversation. If you did not complete your contact details, please use this form “interested”

The next step in the process (after our “chat”), should both parties desire to move forward, is to START earning $$$. We will schedule initial training sessions (you must have Skype or Google Hangout installed – all free services) to familiarize you with all steps involved to start a successful strategy.

Holger & the Finder Network team

BusinessFinder – US Business Directory
BusinessFinder – Canada Business Directory
Mobizzz – Mobile Directory

Also available, for Passive only:
2. Passive Partner/Founder Option available – Details via personal conversation

***100% Money Back Guarantee –  if you are not satisfied after 1 year, you may request a 100% Money Back. This Refund offer is only valid during the following month AFTER 1 year with a 30 day advance notice. Upon receipt of such notice, all benefits, residual revenue payments, listings, services will be cease immediately and the refund will be processed within 30 days to the same payee account as paid-in contribution was made.

Join the Tech Trend Today!
Join the Tech Trend Today!

Requirements to become a Partner with the Finder Network

1. Available to “work” five to ten hours a week
2. Using the semi-automated submission tool to add local businesses into the directory for your AREA (2 – 3 minutes per data entry)
3. Able to send emails to targeted businesses (using a gmail account)
4. Not required but helpful – follow-up phone calls
5. Depending on desired participation minimum Partner contribution $175 with 100% Money Back Guarantee